Why buy from UAVstickers.com?

It's where our products started. The owner, with 20+ years of experience in the commercial sign business (and a shop full of technology delivering high performance, high dollar signs to discriminating customers) designed the products you see here- for his own Phantom Vision. That means no corners were cut, no expense spared nor money wasted. That also means you're getting the best value for your money. Look closely at the other manufacturers imitating our original ideas: inkjet prints, 'water resistant', 'may smear', 'cut with scissors' etc etc. We use a thermal pressure printing process on premium grade vinyl, as if we're designing another police car or snowplow graphic that's not going to let you down, not going to peel off or fade in 3 months.

Our products are not made in the living room or in an overseas factory. Order our products with confidence- proudly made in the US with the attention to detail that only a small business can deliver.

If there's a problem? You'll resolve it with our owner, who handles customer service personally.

We look forward to sending our products to you, then hearing your feedback. We make changes and update our products based on user input, and our own flying experience. Have an idea for a sticker set? Let us know, and we'll consider every idea- then share free prototypes as we develop a new product.