Phantom 4 Personalized
Identity Set

This set includes flight-critical stickers for new & experienced pilots that are flying the DJI Phantom 4 aircraft.

Many of the stickers are common sense reminders when even the best pilots space out in crisis, while other stickers are must haves for less used controls.

Each of the stickers is crisply printed on professional grade vinyl in our commercial sign shop, engineered for heavy outdoor use. Font selection insures easy to read legends of 95%+ contrast.

Designed for easy application, this set includes repositionable vinyl ready for a perfect application.

Application instructions, tips and video examples make it easy for you to apply our products with excellent results.

92 pieces included:

(10) "REWARD IF FOUND-CALL" - personalized with your telephone number

(2) Fancy script name stickers personalized with your aircraft name (specify up to 20 characters, do not use ALL caps; we will set case to look the best unless all lower case is specified)

(2) Control stick legends for remote control: 1 piece with LEFT YAW, ASCEND, RIGHT YAW, DESCEND; 1 piece with LEFT ROLL, FORWARD, RIGHT ROLL, REVERSE ** We'll include an extra control stick legend for you to practice application, also, see the application tips to get it perfect.

(7) Corner button legends: Video, Still, ASP, ASP with legends, Gimbal, Camera Settings, Flight Pause

(2) Antenna parallel reminders

(8) Motor / arm ID numbers: numbers 1 - 4   (1 set red, 1 set black)

(2) C
SC legends for motor start / shutdown positions

(13) Battery information legends: (5) Cool battery warning, (7) Battery #1 - 5, (1) Battery dismount notice

(16) Rear C1, C2 button legends: Camera Setting, Camera FWD/DOWN, Gimbal Mode, Switch GS/FPV, Clear Route, Battery Info, Center Metering, AE Lock/Unlock

(1) Aircraft / controller LED pattern reference

(1) Camera cradle REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT

(1) Charger reminder

(1) Controller battery level

(2) ON and OFF legend

(5) Port covers

(1) Gimbal 4K logo

(1) Sonar sensor warning

(1) Pilot reminder: SD Card info, Power sequence, GPS

(16) Misc markings: warning spots, star spots, logos


Item 0602
for 92 piece personalized Phantom 4 ID Set
Includes postage in the US. Add $1 for international

This image shows the controller with the screen clamp removed for clarity. Removing the clamp makes it much easier to apply stickers! Remove the slotted screw first, then release the thumbscrew on the post and lift the clamp out of the way.
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