Here are a few things that may not fit the normal UAVsticker categories, but you should own anyways.

If Found

The size and adhesion of this little sticker makes it very popular for simply doing it's job. Fits anywhere. Click link for full details and to order.

Return it, Or Else!
GPS Warning/Reward stickers

This one is a more serious statement about getting your stuff back. Designed for aircraft that actually have GPS, it makes a strong case to call if anyone finds your item.

Measure 3/4" x 1.5" printed on premium permanent 2 mil 3M automotive grade vinyl. White background with red and black printing.
Set of 12 identical stickers personalized with your telephone number.

Includes shipping inside USA, add $1 for international shipments

Select destination
Telephone #
Parts ID number sets

Number stickers to identify which part goes where. Useful to identify pairs to track issues or service, including specific motors or other parts that require individual attention- or any other part set on earth. A set of 10 number pairs (1-10) that fit anywhere at only 1/4" in diameter, printed black on white. Twenty stickers.

First class shipping OUTSIDE USA (one charge per order)
Battery Saver!
Prevent expensive batteries in trash can

If you save ONE rechargeable from being thrown away, you'll be ahead. This set includes 30 stickers that will fit any battery and create some unity among the many different recycled battery designs. Black print on bright yellow cast vinyl. Insurance for your expensive batteries. Combine with the 'If Found' stickers on the left to get your batteries back if left behind.

Buy more and save! 

30 for $4.00
60 for $6.00
90 for $7.50
First class shipping OUTSIDE USA (one charge per order)

Choose from 5 new sayings compliments of Donald J Trump at the 3rd debate.

Printed on commercial grade 3M vinyl for use indoors or outdoors, durable enough to last for years on your bumper.

Choose from black, red or blue on white. Big sticker measures 2" x 8.5", smaller ones are 3/4" x 3.5". Buy all 3 and save big!

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Single sticker color choice

Full color adhesive maps that show where you've been during your travels, or show each state you've flown a multirotor aircraft over!

Available in 3 sizes for Canada, USA and Mexico.