Typhoon H
Personalized Identity Set

This set includes valuable, color coordinated stickers for new & experienced pilots that are flying the Yuneec Typhoon H aircraft.

Many of the stickers are common sense reminders when even the best pilots space out in crisis, while other stickers are must haves for less used controls.

Each of the stickers is crisply printed on professional grade vinyl in our commercial sign shop, engineered for heavy outdoor use. Font selection insures easy to read legends of 95%+ contrast.

Designed for easy application, this set is printed on repositionable 3M vinyl ready for a perfect application.

Application instructions, tips and video examples make it easy for you to apply our products with excellent results.

80 pieces included:

(10) "REWARD IF FOUND-CALL" - personalized with your telephone number

(2) Fancy script name stickers personalized with your aircraft name (specify up to 20 characters, do not use ALL caps; we will set case to look the best unless all lower case is specified)

(16) Control stick legends for remote- 2 full sets in case you have trouble applying these small pieces, including: ASCEND, DESCEND, LT TURN, RT TURN, FORWD, BACKWD, LT ROLL, RT ROLL. Custom fit perfectly in the space next to the stick control positions.

(2) S1, S2, S3, S4, K1, B2 legends for Tilt mode, Pan mode, Pan Control, OBS Avoid and flight mode with easy to understand terms (see images)

(1) Start up checklist

(12) Motor / arm ID numbers: numbers 1 - 6 (2 sets)

(1) "Remove Before Flight" for aircraft camera cover

(1) Wizard control angle legend

(1) Wizard LED legend

(1) Wizard range reminder

(1) Controller LED legend: Aircraft and Camera status

(1) 'Out Of Service' marker

(2) Charger reminders: Cool before charge; Remove batt when complete

(2) "Typhoon H" logos for charger identification

(9) Port covers: 5 sm, 4 lg

(1) Controller position reminder: 100 deg view; 26ft setback

(1) Video stop reminder

(6) "H" icon + "Battery #1" (through #6)

(10) Misc Yuneec and "H" logos and ID stickers


Item 0451 (v2 updated 11/16)
for 80 piece personalized Typhoon H ID Set
Includes postage in the US. Add $1 for international

The ST16 controller takes on a smart look with the legends that will help new and old pilots remember what's what in simple to understand terminology.
Like all of our products, this set is crisply printed on durable material that is custom designed and fit for each piece of equipment. All of our products are our own original designs and concepts, not cheap copies printed overseas. 100% USA family business.
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