It's been fun.

UAVstickers came about when our founder Mark bought a drone (P2V) and discovered it didn't come with stickers to identify the controls. Having owned a sign shop for 20+ years, stickers were no problem. A few online friends wanted some, then a few dozen, and then on to selling them across the globe. We have shipped to every continent over the last 5 years, but some things have changed personally and we're shifting our focus and energy on to family and a small candy store we own in Estes Park Colorado (it's the 83rd year for the store, a national icon). Hence, we will be selling what's left at discounted prices and not developing any new products. Sorry! Our loyal customers have contributed many great ideas and have benefited from our small business model of customer service first! We'll miss the exciting world of drones, but look forward to not having such a fragmented work life.

Our artwork files and website are for sale, to the right person for the right price. That does not mean the highest bidder, or ultra-expensive. If you are interested, contact Mark with your phone number and a personal message and he'll call you back to discuss the opportunity.

THANKS loyal customers and friends.